Another great partnership...Zumba - dance fitness classes; every Friday night at 7pm.









1BRIDGES is committed to providing supportive, community-based weekly programming, information, and understanding to our members.

We provide programming to meet the needs of the “whole person”, through social, intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual means. Please check out our monthly calendar.
Our services are open, not only to individuals living with mental illness, but to their friends and family members as well.

Loneliness and isolation are common among those with mental illness. Being with others that are coping with common issues can help individuals reconnect to family, friends, and the community.


As our name suggest; we are BRIDGES The Hinton Housing and Employment Society and we focus (not only on community-based programming for those suffering from mental ilnness and mental health issues, but we provide support for our members and clients - in relation to housing and employment.

For housing support, please call our Executive Director at (780) 865-4464 or via email:

For employment support, please phone our employment specialist Shawn Hodder at (587) 467-9226 or via email: