Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 7pm

BRIDGES – 111 Government Road, Hinton, AB


Yvonne EL Silver, CEC, CHRP, RP

Yvonne is passionate about living a Flourishing live - one with JOY - having less stress and more JOY in business!


 She passionately works with women - those who have a massive vision, and are committed to achieving it, and especially those with a social enterprise focus.  With over 25 years of high growth business leadership experiences, Yvonne inspires entrepreneurial women to achieve extraordinary results in business, master work-life integration, and increase quality family time. 


Her expertise includes living by example... She also combines science and behavioural outcomes with her brand of Entrepreneurial Balance using Powerful Language & Energetic Resonance, Agile Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Business Visioning strategies. Her clients experience purposeful growth. By helping women leaders flourish and grow their business, and expand their team - they can also hire more women, at fair pay rates, impacting a global issue of pay inequity. 


Today, after 20-years of Director and VP-level experiences in high-growth organizations, she has evolved to a seasoned Executive Coach who supports women entrepreneurs and leaders see significant success in their lives, and have a ripple effect for other women as well. She loves social enterprise ventures! Her favourite client is her son Alex who operates his art business sharing profits with Operation Smile (helping with surgeries for children to fix their cleft palate