Another Successful BBQ Season!

Thanks to our generous sponsors and visitors, we held four successful Carefree Friday BBQs this past July. Every Friday in July was a Carefree Friday with free burger & hotdog lunch for anyone who joined us. We accepted many generous donations and the food was all paid for in advance with the help of the following sponsors, many of whom sent volunteers to cook and serve our guests. We are so grateful! Together, we make our community better!

Yellowhead Emergency Shelter

Options HIV West Yellowhead

The Cooperators

Career Evolution West

King Drug & Home Healthcare

Helmig Fire & Safety


Hinton Optometry Clinic & Rocky Mountain Eyewear

Dr. Nordstrom Dental Clinic

Freson Bros. Hinton Valley

M&M Market

BOOM 104.9





Introducing a new D&D players' Network here in Hinton for 14+ players. Meet other D&D players, or if you're new to the game, learn more about it at BRIDGES (111 Government Rd.)

This network is simply to get together once a month, meet other people to play with, and if time permits, play short adventures at the event. New people can learn from those who've played longer, and DMs get a chance to play and/or mentor others who wish to learn to DM.

If you know people who would like to get into D&D, spread the word. Bring your dice and handbooks. (DMG too if you want) We will have a complete little one-shot (and premade characters) handy to run an adventure right off-the-page at several tables if there are enough people to run tables that night.

Feel free to message, call or email if you have any questions! 


Our next D&D Network Night is Saturday August 10 at 1:00 PM.