BETTER BITES by BRIDGES is a social enterprise that has been created with two objectives. One is to help fund the BRIDGES Society as we support individuals with mental wellness needs. The other is to help our clients learn and practice skills that will enable them to gain employment within the food service industry.

The BRIDGES Society has been serving the residents of Hinton for over twenty years. Like all non-profit societies, it is often difficult to obtain funding for operating costs like rent and utilities. Grants are getting harder to get, and many donors want to fund short-term projects rather than operating costs and staff wages. Having a source of revenue from a business will give us funds with no strings attached that can be used wherever needed. Our registered business receives tax breaks as long as at least 50% of the profits is funneled back into the Society.

The clients volunteering with the BETTER BITES by BRIDGES social enterprise are learning cooking methods, food safety skills and proper operation of kitchen equipment. Our objective is to eventually provide them with opportunities to earn some income, either with BETTER BITES or in the larger community.

What is a social enterprise?

In general, a social enterprise is a business that generates income to improve the well-being of people or the environment. Some examples are businesses like recycling depots that improve the environment, and thrift stores that sell donated goods with the profits going to help the poor.

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